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Why Propane Is Such An Impressive Gas

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Propane is a gas that many people associate with outdoor grills, camping stoves, etc. However, it's much more versatile than other gases, and it's pretty affordable. As a bonus, it's a good option if you want to be environmentally considerate, as it burns relatively clean and doesn't contaminate soil or water. 

Better for the Environment than Other Gases

Many gases create harmful emissions that are bad for the environment. Burning natural gas, oil, etc., will produce hazardous particles that pollute the air. Gasses that produce carbon dioxide when burning contribute to climate change. 

Many fuel sources create environmental hazards when they leak from their containers. For example, an oil leak can kill wildlife and pollute food and water sources. If there is a propane leak, it will vaporize and won't contaminate water and soil. 

Efficient Way to Heat Home and Hot Water

Many people don't even realize that you can use propane to heat your home and power your water heater. Propane can heat the water in your hot water tank much faster than electricity, typically less than half the time. You can also heat your home using a propane system, and you will save money compared to using other fuel sources, like oil or natural gas.

Cheaper than Electricity

Propane is often a more affordable power source than electricity. If you decide to use it to power your home, you'll significantly reduce your home energy costs. You also won't have to rely on the power grid, which can unexpectedly go down during storms. 

Still Works When You Lose Power

Power outages are a normal part of life for most homeowners. Many people use generators as a backup for when they occur, but typically only to power a few vital appliances or sections of their home. Generators can be hazardous when misused, and you must put them in well-ventilated areas. 

A home powered by propane is entirely unaffected by power outages. If you don't want to switch your entire home system to be powered by propane at all times, you can instead use it as an alternative whenever you lose power. 

It's a Versatile Power Source

You can use propane for many purposes because it's such a versatile energy source. You can use it to power an entire home, campers, boats, forklifts, heaters, etc. Because it's so efficient, cheap, safe, and environmentally friendly, it's a great way to power lots of different things. 

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